Zachariah Wright, the man convicted of the stabbing murder of Max Foster and the attempted murder of his wife on Father’s Day 2017, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Boone Superior Court I Judge Matthew Kincaid announced the sentence after a brief hearing Friday. Wright, guarded by three armed deputies, sat motionless during much of the hearing in an orange jail jumpsuit wearing thick black glasses, a bulletproof vest and restraints.

His attorneys, Mark Inman and Andrew Borland, argued life without parole was too severe due to Wright’s age at the time of the crime, which was 19; his abusive childhood; and that other Hoosiers who committed worse crimes, received lighter sentences.

Boone County Deputy Prosecutor T.K. Morris argued that Wright was on probation for a theft conviction from 2016 when he attacked the Fosters in their home in the 500 block of Dicks Street around 7 a.m. June 18, 2017.

Phase 1 of the sentencing hearing focused on the murder conviction. The second phase of the jearomg focused on related convictions.

During phase 2, Max Foster’s brother, Dick, gave an impact statement calling Max “the hardest working man in town.”

Morris read a statement from Sonja Foster who revealed the couple had just returned from a trip to celebrate their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary and how the family had plans to gather for Father’s Day, all of which was cut short by Wright’s actions.

“I live with an underlying fear in everything I do,” Sonja Foster’s short statement said, adding that she lost teeth in the brutal attack and now has a facial scar.

Kincaid sentenced Wright after lunch on the other 20 counts. Wright received a consecutive nine-year sentence on the charge of criminal confinement that Kincaid ruled was a separate act when Sonja Foster escaped the home after her husband had been murdered. Wright chased her down, held her to the ground and tried to light her nightgown on fire. Then the judge sentenced Wright on four other counts including burglary and attempted burglary. Each sentence was added to the life sentence for a total of 20.5 additional years.

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