The first case in Boone County of COVID-19 has been confirmed by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Boone County Health Officer Dr. Hershcell Servies told the Boone County Council the case is a Boone County woman who sat next to a person who was later confirmed to have the virus.

“I got notified late last night, about 10 o’clock,” Servies said late morning Tuesday. “I called all my people right away, but we haven’t called her yet.”

Servies said he didn’t sleep after the call because his mind was turning about letting everyone know, from the Boone County Council and Commissioners to the board of the health department to the schools to the mayors of Zionsville and Lebanon.

Servies told the council even he didn’t know her name, but said her primary care provider was associated with St. Vincent Hospital. The Boone County Health Department is currently interviewing the patient. They will ask who she has been in contact with and where she works. They will also check her family members.

The top health officer of the county said it was important to let the public know about this first case, even though it will likely cause more alarm.

“I think we’re over alarmed now, in my opinion,” Servies said. “You know when it started it would’ve been no big deal, but as time goes on and on, it’s getting to be a bigger deal.”

Servies said there is always hope that we can mitigate the spread of the virus, but that there may be trouble ahead. Along with the Boone County Health Department, Servies told the council long-range plans are being considered. Including plans for rampant community spread and how to increase medical resources for older people or the medically challenged.

“A lot of these older folks who have gotten this corona virus end up in an intensive care setting and end up on a ventilator,” Services said. “I have all the confidence in the world that if something happened like it did in China that we would do the same thing with these temporary hospitals.”

The Indiana State Department of Health has a new COVID-19 online dashboard. The dashboard can be found at and will be updated daily at 10 a.m. It will reflect results received through midnight.

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