County employees could receive a one-time bonus, if even “a token amount,” as compensation for not having received raises for the last three years.

County Council President Steve Jacob said Tuesday, Dec. 13, that he would ask the council to consider the request at its January meeting.

Jacob said, “I would like the board to consider one-time, lump-sum payments to our employees.”

Councilman David Rodgers, who proposed a $500 per employee bonus, said, “I would like a little more information, and I would like to see it on the agenda for January.”

ALSO AT THE MEETING, the council:

Approved spending $50,000 from the cumulative bridge fund for repair of a small bridge on the Boone/Hamilton County line that “just fell in,” according to interim highway superintendent Rick Carney.

“This is just a small structure that fell in, and we had to replace it,” Carney said. “I didn’t have a chance to budget for it.”

Approved moving $52,000 from the cumulative capital development project fund to buy new radios for the highway department, in order to comply with a Federal Communications Commission project to create new radio frequencies through “narrowbanding,” by switching to equipment that uses less of the radio spectrum.

Allowed the highway department to spend another $40,000, from the highway fund, to cover gas, oil and equipment repair expenses through the end of the year.

Tabled action on appointments to the PTA-BOA board, which hears appeals of property tax bills, because Boone County Assessor Lisa Garoffolo is unsure if her budget will cover the cost of the present five-person board. Commissioner Jeff Wolfe told the council the board may be reduced to three members.

Rejected Auditor Melody Price’s request for $500 in overtime pay. After no motion was presented, meaning the request had failed, Price said, “just remember that when you need reports ... we’ll put it on the back burner.”

Price said her office is “the only that can’t take vacations and days off at the beginning of the year, because we have so much going on.”

After discussion, a motion to approve the request failed, 2-4, with council members Brent Wheat and Gene Thompson voting aye.

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