Defying the recession, Boone County has attracted new businesses to already constructed buildings, creating an unusual problem over the past 1 1/2 years.

“We’re running out,” Boone County Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Dax Norton said at a seminar Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Anson Information Center.

Attending the “industrial, commercial and retail sites and existing building inventory summit” were representatives of local developers, government, and economic development.

The consensus: To attract more commercial, industrial and retail growth, local governments will have to explore ways of expanding their infrastructure, including water and sanitary sewer service.

“We have substantial amounts of land; we don’t have that many buildings,” Norton said.

“We’ve got great opportunities here,” said Bob Harris, representing a Zionsville-area family that has been extensively involved in commercial and residential development.

How the county can take advantage of those opportunities will be the topic of an upcoming story.

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