Four-way stop solution passed by commissioners

This fatal accident in November has prompted county officials to make the intersection of County Roads 400 East and 100 South a four-way stop.

Following a fatal accident Nov. 13, the Boone County Commissioners passed an ordinance making the intersection at County Roads 400 East and 100 South a four-way stop, probably within a week.

Commissioner president Jeff Wolfe said it’s not always good to make decisions like this in reaction to an accident, but in this case it was the right thing to do.

“If we can protect individuals, then we should do this,” Wolfe said.

He sits on the advisory board of the Local Technical Assistance Program or LTAP, an organization through Purdue University that deals with transportation issues. LTAP and engineering firms made an assessment of the intersection and recommended a four-way stop.

“We always want to make decisions based on engineering principals,” Boone County Highway Director Craig Parks said.

The criteria for a four-way stop was based on the number of accidents at the intersection, Parks said.

“We actually got traffic volumes and (the intersection) did not meet the criteria,” Parks said. “But you also do a history of crashes over the last five years.”

Even stopping traffic in both directions may not be enough, according to the recommendation. The commissioners gave Parks the power to make whatever changes he deemed necessary.

He said that will include spinners on the stop signs, sign posts will be reflective, warning signs about an upcoming stop will be placed before the intersection, and, when weather permits, large white bars will be painted on the pavement to indicate “stop here.”

The intersection was the scene of a fatal accident Nov. 13 when Sherry Dennis, 52, of Indianapolis, was killed in a two-car accident. Vehicles traveling C.R. 400 E. were required to stop at 100 S.

Parks said the new signs will be placed as soon as possible but could be delayed by the snow.

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