From the playful to the macabre, tales from the history of the town of Zionsville were reenacted this past weekend during the SullivanMunce Cultural Center’s annual GhostWalk.

Friday and Saturday evenings, groups of spectators left the cultural center on foot every 15 minutes, following a tour guide along the streets of the community, stopping every block or two to witness historical events unfold in the form of vignette.

The “lessons in ‘un-living’ history” were taken from the pages of the Zionsville Times and other archived materials.

After each vignette, the tour guide would relate the source and the actual details of the story behind each drama.

Close to 100 volunteers worked to create the acts along the tour’s path, or to assist as dancers, treat ghosts, and tour guides and sentries.

Vignettes included “How to Eat a Peach,” “Lincoln’s Funeral Train,” a production of “Thriller,” a two-scene “Picnic of Doom,” “Brothers to the End,” “Front Porches of Zionsville,” “Let’s Play Tag,” and “Moving Day.”

Back at SullivanMunce, guests were able to purchase cider and popcorn, visit with a psychic, and browse exhibits.

This year’s event marked the 17th year for the fundraising event for the cultural center.

Many families were among Saturday’s tour groups, and even the younger participant said they liked the event too.

Ten-year-old Drew Grabczynski said that he recognized some of ghosts of Zionsville’s past as kids he knows. Sixteen-year-old Joseph Grabczynski said he learned somethings about his community during the tour.

“I found some of the information I got from it very interesting,” he said.

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