Two construction workers were transported to the hospital when trusses collapsed on them Nov. 11.

Zionsville Fire Department Chief James VanGorder said the trusses fell during the installation process.

“When emergency crews arrived, one of the workers was already on the ground,” VanGorder said. “That person was transported to St. Vincent Hospital. The second injured worker was up on the second story of the home where the wood trusses are and the fire crews were able to stabilize the patient and they utilized a crane that was there on site, to lower them down in a rescue Stokes basket.”

VanGorder said he could not provide the names of the injured and could not give an update to their condition.

He did say that while it was initially reported that one of the workers was trapped, the other workers may have freed him before the emergency crews arrived.

“They were just injured and could not get down,” VanGorder said. “So we provided that patient removal process.”

VanGorder added that the incident was reported to the Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration.

“They will take it from there and conduct any work place accident injury report,” VanGorder said. “None of that falls underneath the fire department’s jurisdiction.”

VanGorder added that this type of accident happens once or twice every three to four years and that there is a lot of construction going on in Boone County.

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