Former longtime U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar, the Indiana Republican who helped set U.S. foreign policy, died Sunday morning at the age of 87.

Lugar was known for his bipartisanship and for developing and leading a largely successful effort to induce former Soviet states to dismantle their nuclear weapons arsenals.

He died at a Virginia hospital from complications of a neurological disorder, chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy (CIPD), according to the Lugar Center in Washington, which said his wife and family were with him "throughout his short illness at the hospital."

Lugar, who served 36 years in the Senate, ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for president in 1995.

Hoosier government and business leaders reacted Sunday to news of Lugar's death:

“As an always faithful servant to the highest ideals in every walk of his incredible life, Richard Lugar ran the family farm, charted a new innovative course for Indiana’s capital city, and devoted a record six terms as a U.S. Senator to making the world a more prosperous and peaceful place."

— Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb

"At a time when nuclear proliferation was civilization’s greatest threat, Senator Lugar helped save the world. He leaves a legacy as an exemplar of wisdom, civility, and bipartisanship. Always staying true to his temperament, he was a quiet, dignified statesman."

— U.S. Sen. Todd Young, Indiana

“Senator Richard Lugar is a towering figure in Hoosier history and one of the greatest statesmen ever to serve in the U.S. Senate. As our longest serving Senator, he worked tirelessly with leaders across the globe to better the state and the country he loved."

— U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, Indiana

“Richard Lugar was the ultimate public servant and bipartisan leader. His impacts will be felt for generations to come in Indianapolis, our state, our nation and globally. He was an invaluable mentor to myself and thousands of others.”

— Indiana Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Kevin Brinegar

"Lugar was a Hoosier who dedicated his life to making the world a better place, starting in his own hometown by ushering in a new era of modern government for Indianapolis (where he was mayor). He brought new life to Indiana's capital city, with a visionary approach that catalyzed new growth and opportunity for the region."

— Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer

“Indiana has lost a leading diplomat, a man who steadfastly believed in the power of dialogue and bipartisanship. Richard Lugar’s achievements were grounded in a clear-eyed approach that valued facts over rhetoric."

— Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody

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