The following people with name, age, address, charge and arresting agency were booked into the Boone County Jail. Charges are preliminary. The Boone County prosecutor may change them.


2:53 a.m. – Genesis I. Gonzalez, 21, Indianapolis, operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, WPD

12:27 a.m. – Chad R. Fearnow, 38, Frankfort, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, WPD


8:52 p.m. – Sandra L. Malik, 62, Zionsville, probation violation, Zionsville Police Department

1:04 a.m. – Mendel G. Smith, 67, Zionsville, public intoxication, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more, OWI, ZPD


11:22 p.m. – Kameron Gadson, 25, Indianapolis, driving while suspended, ZPD

8:54 a.m. – Laura R. Morales, 52, Indianapolis, hold for another county, Whitestown Police Department

1:49 a.m. – Robert D. Nunn, 76, Lafayette, driving while suspended, Whitestown Police Department


8:58 a.m. – Santos Penaloza, 48, Indianapolis, driving while suspended, Zionsville Police Department

1:52 a.m. – Jonathan M. Nixon, 32, McCordsville, public intoxication, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, OWI, ZPD

1:06 a.m. – Mallory Cross, 29, Zionsville, public intoxication, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, OWI, WPD

FEB. 29

9:37 p.m. – Brandon P. Weaver, 24, Indianapolis, battery against a public safety official, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct, public indecency, public intoxication, OWI, WPD

8:34 p.m. – Nevada A. Gentry, 45, Lebanon, habitual traffic violator, Indiana State Police

6:38 p.m. – Ericka J. Willis, 27, Zionsville, failure to appear, two counts of probation violation, Lebanon Police Department

5:37 p.m. – Heather Acton, 31, Indianapolis, public intoxication, operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, WPD

3:36 a.m. – Roy A. Glass, 50, Thorntown, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, driving while suspended, ZPD

3:17 a.m. – Emily G. Kremer, 27, Carmel, public intoxication, OWI, ZPD

Area public service agencies responded to the following calls:


8:28 p.m. – Kids spray painting the sidewalk, one has a headlamp on, two people dressed in dark clothing, S. 4th Street and W. Oak Street, Zionsville, ZPD

6:08 p.m. – Caller said BCSO towed his car from the side of U.S. 421, he said state law gives him 24 hours to remove it and Zionsville Towing will not release the vehicle, officer explained that if the vehicle was seen as a road hazard it can be towed, explained that he could retrieve his vehicle, BCSO

4:41 p.m. – Four vehicle accident with minor injuries, Oak Street, County Road 800 E and Stonegate were all shut down, S. C.R. 800 E. and Oak Street, Zionsville, BCSO

2:34 p.m. – Driver pulled over because she thought the police officer behind was pulling her over, checks OK, 142 mile marker I-65 south bound, BCSO

1:49 p.m. – Subject stealing his trailer, 11300 block of E. C.R. 300 S., Zionsville, ZPD

9:37 a.m. – Rock came out of dump truck and broke front windshield, E. Ind. 32 and Taylor Road, Zionsville, BCSO

9:33 a.m. – Boone County highway grader being passed by driver who hit the grader, no injuries, dark blue Caravan covered in bumper stickers left scene, C.R. 950 E. and C.R. 180 S., Zionsville, ZPD


7:19 p.m. – Airpods were stolen, taken from park, tracking them with phone, officer checked several addresses in the area and no one even admitted to being at the park today, the original address has small children and none of them had been in the park, called complainant back, he did not want to make a report, but was grateful for the officer looking, 3600 block of Indigo Blue Boulevard, Whitestown, Whitestown Police Department

5:51 p.m. – Wants an officer to take her bills to the mailbox because she is afraid to put them in the mailbox, N. Main Street, Whitestown, WPD

4:41 p.m. – Trailer broken into, belongings in disarray, 400 W. Elm Street, Lebanon, LPD

4:07 p.m. – Three children were watching officer during a traffic stop, officer provided stickers and let them hit the lights and siren, 700 Sugarbush Drive, Zionsville, BCSO

12:31 p.m. – In creek on west side of road, reports of a hunting-type dog loose in area on afternoon, located an object 50 yards from roadway in creek, it very much looks like a dog standing in the water, upon closer inspection it is a limb outstretched over the water with a perfectly-shaped collection of twigs and debris casting a very dog-like shadow, only animal observed was a beaver who was peeking out of a hole, 5300 block of N. U.S. 421, Sheridan, BCSO

11:33 a.m. – Missing personal objects out of a vehicle, wants an officer to stand by while he went through his vehicle to check for anything missing, nothing was missing, 5000 block of Indianapolis Road, Whitestown, WPD

1:49 a.m. – Someone tried to enter through the front door, heard the handle shake, 2800 block Brookline Court, Zionsville, ZPD


8:46 p.m. – Intoxicated driver nearly hit a car head on then parked at liquor store, 7100 block Whitestown Parkway, Zionsville, WPD

8:36 p.m. – Caller requested to speak with an officer, she was feeling lonely, we sat and talked for a while, first block N. Main Street, Whitestown, WPD

7:46 p.m. – Hospital patient revealed that he keeps his cat in his car because his apartment doesn’t allow cats, 11100 block Helm Drive, Zionsville, BCSO

7:03 p.m. – Driver sleeping in Camaro that has been running out front about 45 minutes, driver extremely intoxicated, said she drank at a friend’s house nearby but could not remember where and was sleeping until she became sober, taken to hospital due to high level of impairment, someone came to pick her up, 6216 Eagle Lake Drive, Zionsille, ZPD

4:12 p.m. – Woman trespassed from Lutheran Church property, probation officer made aware, 600 block N. Ford Road, Zionsville, ZPD

8:47 a.m. – Young male hanging around house for sale, seems suspicious, 900 block Tillson Drive, Zionsville, ZPD

2:48 a.m. – Grandmother placed her purse into the wrong car when she was leaving and wants granddaughter to collected it from a gray Ford Focus in front of the apartment, Grandma asks police to make sure she gets the purse, purse recovered, 1800 block Williams Glen Boulevard, Zionsville, ZPD

March 1

10:23 p.m. – Political sign stolen from yard, 600 block Bloor Lane, Zionsville, ZPD

7:36 p.m. – Chimney fire, 8800 block Pin Oak Drive, Zionsville, Zionsville Fire Department

11:57 a.m. – Man in yellow hunting jacket in parking lot looks like man wanted in Delphi, 100 block N. Elm Street, Zionsville, ZPD

4:05 a.m. – Caller hears gunshots in field, coyote hunters have permission from land owner to hunt, 3400 block S. C.R. 575 E. Whitestown, WPD

12:23 a.m. – Caller just learned his ring cameras were triggered, possibly by armed subjects walking around his property earlier, would like to show an officer, people seen on video were Zionsville officers checking a fire alarm at a neighboring home, 6400 Mayfield Lane, Zionsville, ZPD

FEB. 29

6:47 p.m. – Man urinating behind the party bus, resisting, detained, refuses OWI screening, 6500 block Whitestown Parkway, Zionsville, ZPD

5:48 p.m. – Road rage, black Audi with male driver pulled a gun on the caller, who is now in a truck in a church parking lot, Ind. 47 and U.S. 421, Sheridan, BCSO

12:26 p.m. – Caller claims a woman routinely walks with unleashed dogs in the park this time of day, female walking dog without leash came and was told dog must be on leash for safety of her dog and others, she was upset because she’s lived here for seven years and it’s never been an issue, police offered her a leash, but she went home to get one, returned to park with dog on leash and took two parking spaces, warning issued, 6310 Albert S. White Drive, Whitestown, BCSO

FEB. 28

8:03 a.m. – Vectren wants officer to stand by while they reconnect gas to residence because homeowner threatened workers yesterday when they shut it off, 9400 block Greenthread Drive, Zionsville, ZPD

8:07 a.m. – Electrical fire from microwave, 2800 block E. High Grove Circle, Zionsville, ZFD

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