The Hickory Hall Polo Club match benefiting the Boone County Senior Services Inc. drew large crowds to the grounds Friday, June 28, during opening night, despite the heat.

On one side of the field, sponsors, box holders, food and drink vendors, as well as the silent auction, emcee and disc jockey could be found. The other side featured attendees lined up with tents, blankets, chairs, and eating from tailgates. Families and children could be seen playing games.

A silent auction took place before the match as another way to raise money for BCSSI. There were a variety of items to bid on for everyone.

Horse barn tours were also available before the match. They were led by Stacey Sutphin, a volunteer of Hickory Hall for more than 10 years.

Sutphin first covered the history of the horses including when they were used in war, then went on to talk about the history of polo, including that Teddy Roosevelt founded the first polo club.

The last barn tour ended right before the polo match began.

There were four chukkers (a period of polo play), with seven minutes in each chukker. After each chukker, the horses are taken back to the barn to switch them out for different horses and give those horses that just finished the a break.

Some horses live at Hickory Hall, and others are brought in by the riders. The riders are all volunteers, Sutphin said.

At halftime, children and families flocked to the field to try to grab candy that was dropped from a plane.

The first candy drop took place over Berlin, Germany, Stacey Sutphin, volunteer tour guide, said.

It is a tradition that the Hickory Hall Polo Club continues.

The Grand Brook Memory Care team dominated the Hoosier Village team with the final score 6-3.

The total money raised for BCSSI is not yet reported.

However, “There were nearly 200 cars through the gate that night, in addition to the sponsors and box holders.” Executive Director of BCSSI, Anita Bowen, said.

Entry was $20 per car load at the gate.

The next polo match at Hickory Hall Polo Club is scheduled for 6 p.m. on July 12 and will benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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