Whitestown and Zionsville neighborhoods are seeing an increase of thieves targeting unlocked cars.

On Sept. 18, Whitestown and Zionsville police received seven complaints of such violations. In one case, thieves got away with a backpack and a laptop computer. Police have few clues and no security video of the perpetrators.

“Overnight we had people in the town who are leaving valuables in their vehicles, which we preach not to do, and leaving their vehicles unlocked on top of that,” Whitestown Police Seargeant John Jurkash. “Whoever the suspects are, they’re just going and walking through neighborhoods, checking car doors to see if they are open and if they are, they are rummaging through them just to see what they can take of high value.”

Jurkash added that the culprits are not vandalizing the cars.

“The majority, if not all, are cars that are being left unlocked,” Jurkash added.

Jurkash surmises that people are too tired or busy to remember to lock the car in their own driveways. The incidents have increased not only in Boone County but there are news reports of these kind of break-ins in Plainfield, as well.

“It’s just this fast-paced culture that we live in where once people get inside and they check out, it kind of goes into the back of their mind until the next morning,” Jurkash said.

Police do not know if the incidents are related or if it is the same culprits, but Jurkash did say that there doesn’t seem to be any preference in the type of neighborhood affected.

“Pretty much any and all,” he added.

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