Robbins looks forward to upcoming Miss Indiana events

Samantha Robbins

Samantha Robbins is competing for the title of 2019 Miss Indiana and the Zionsville Community High School graduate is thrilled the competition is at home.

Robbins lived in Lebanon before moving to Zionsville. She graduated from ZCHS three years ago and is now a student at Ball State University where she is studying visual communications and graphic design.

Robbins has been part of the Miss Indiana and Miss Indiana Outstanding Teen competition for several years.

“This is a very exciting event and something I am proud to be part of. The production is fantastic, the women are all great and the volunteers are truly special," she said. "This is a large production and requires many people, each contestant has a director who is helping her to learn and develop. They are also helping to find sponsors who support us with everything from food to volunteer opportunities. This year there are 36 contestants ages 18-25 and 26 teens. It will be a very special show.”

Robbins enjoys being part of the Miss America organization and believes it helps to promote strong women and relationship building.

“This group really encourages women to be involved in making our world better," she said. "One way the organization encourages us to do good things is through social impact. Each contestant has a social impact cause she is responsible for creating awareness around.”

Robbins’ is focused on helping to prevent substance abuse.

“In the 6th grade I joined the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program and I made a promise to myself to not drink or use drugs," she said. "I am working to share this promise with others and show teens and young people that you can have a lot of fun without adding substances like alcohol or drugs. At Ball State I am president of Energy, a club devoted to keeping students’ mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. We host late-night substance free parties and help to teach students how to polish their health skills.”

In the competition, each contestant must share a social impact statement — a two or three sentence description of their cause. Robbins’ social impact statement is control, alt, delete.

“This is something everyone can recognize. You can take control, choose to alternate activities and delete the negativity. This equation is one way we can stop the cycle of abuse,” she said.

Robbins' student-led activities have proven to lower late night alcohol-related crimes and accidents in Muncie.

“At Late Night we typically host up to 8,000 students. This is a fun party and there is no alcohol,” she said.

Aside from her work on campus, Robbins is very involved with the Miss America organization and pageant work.

“This is my seventh consecutive year to be part of the Miss Indiana and Miss Indiana Outstanding Teen competition. It is always exciting, but this year is even more exciting for me," she said. "I love being able to share time with my friends and be in Zionsville. Competition takes place over a few days, but we will be participating in many activities and enjoying time in the community for the entire week. It is like sparkly summer camp for adults. I enjoy the parade and signing in the village, it is so fun to be around all the little girls who will one day be part of our organization, but I am very excited for finals when Miss Indiana will be crowned.”

Robbins is one of four Zionsville title holders in the state competition.

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