Zionsville Town Council President Matt Price has made his appointments to a committee that will oversee an update to the town’s transportation plan, which is a segment of the larger comprehensive plan, generally known as a “roadmap” for future town planning.

The first meeting will be at the town council’s Road and Transportation Committee at 2 p.m. Friday, March 19, at Zionsville Town Hall, Conference Center, 1100 W. Oak St.

The group members include Chad Sweeney, from the Economic Development Commission; Chad Pittman, from the Pathways Committee; Larry Jones, from the plan commission; Leigh Ann Akard, from the business community; John Ottensmann, IUPUI professor of urban planning; and Sanjay Patel, from the engineering community.

Those group members will be joined by council members Tim Haak, Art Harris and Judith Essex, Town Manager Ed Mitro, Street Superintendent Lance Lantz and Town Planner Terry Jones.

The last time the town’s transportation plan was updated was in 2000 and is being funded by a grant from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Organization.

Transportation plans involve the rationale, goals and strategies for implementing transportation improvements in the future.

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