True Crime Phil to visit Boone County

Phil Chalmers will be making an appearance in Lebanon. Tickets are on sale now.

Phil Chalmers is scheduled to make an appearance in Lebanon, March 10 at the Farm Bureau Community Building, 1300 E. 100 S.

Chalmers is a true crime writer, television personality and a homicide/police trainer.

Over his 35 years of research and interviews with a multitude of teen killers, school shooters, mass murders, and serial killers, Chalmers has developed traits to profile the criminals early and to look at ways of prevention.

The appearance is a classroom-based, live training. Those who attend will see real crime scene photos and active shooting videos. The training gives those in attendance the chance to interview a serial killer or school shooter on the phone from death row or a maximum security prison.

Anyone is welcome to attend the event, but Chalmers particularly encourages police officers, school resource officers, teachers, principals, superintendents, school administrators, counselors, psychologist, social workers and probation officers to attend.

Chalmers’ book, Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer, profiles teen killers of the past to help prevention for the future. The book has been reported to be helpful amongst school officials and law enforcement.

Chalmers and his team are in the works to create a podcast to talk about his findings further with his newest studies of serial killers. He has intentions of having an interview with a serial killer on every episode. His goal for the future is to interact with more serial killers than anyone in United States’ history.

“I am currently interacting with about 100 serial killers. When this is said and done, that number will be over 200,” Chalmers said during a recent phone interview.

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