An Indianapolis man ducked into a Zionsville garage to drink a beer before stealing a car down the street, according to court records.

Devontea D. Banham drove to Zionsville Aug. 23 in a Hyundai he stole in Marion County, he reportedly confessed to police.

Banham, of Indianapolis, was visiting his brother in Zionsville but was out of money and went through unlocked vehicles in the area looking for cash, Zionsville Cpt. Charles White reported after questioning Banham in the Hendricks County Jail.

Banham came across an open door and went inside for a cool beer from William Chlystum’s garage refrigerator, Banham reportedly told police. Chlystum’s home security system recorded Banham entering the garage and taking a beer, White reported.

Banham eventually got to Richard Montei’s Kia Optima and drove away, using keys that were left in it, White reported. Banham abandoned the Optima in an adjacent neighborhood where Montei’s friends found it, according to court records.

Banham, 27, left Zionsville in the stolen Hyundai and was arrested in Brownsburg and charged with auto theft and theft. Brownsburg police notified White that Banham had items stolen in Zionsville with him, including Montei’s key fob.

Banham is charged in Boone County with auto theft and unauthorized entry of a vehicle. He was arrested Oct. 23 and is being held in the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond. He is scheduled for a January trial.

Police also arrested a Danville, Ill., man on a charge of auto theft this month after Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Taylor Nielsen saw him walking very close to the roadway on Interstate 65 late at night.

Dalton Huber, 25, was wearing dark clothing and was difficult to see, Nielsen reported. She was off duty but stopped to help and learned he had run out of fuel and was walking to a gas station, according to court records.

Whitestown Police Officer John Pogorov found a disabled 2015 Chrysler on the interstate. The car belonged to a Danville, Ill., woman who had reported it stolen. Huber told police he found the car running with the keys in it, stole it, drove it to Indianapolis and was returning to Danville when it ran out of gas, BCS Deputy T. Beard reported.

Huber is being held in the Boone County Jail in lieu of bond and is scheduled for a February trial on a charge of auto theft.

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