The Witham Health Services Foundation kicked off its annual “Fund the Need” campaign at their Black-Tie Gala in May.

This year the Witham Foundation is raising money for Mental Health in the ER. In 2018, Witham saw 3,561 patients in their emergency room who were diagnosed with some type of mental health issue. That is 68.48 patients per week or 9.76 patients per day, displaying an overwhelming and increasing demand to get critical patients immediate treatment. Mental health encompasses a variety of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism and others

Witham has partnered with Integrative Wellness so that anyone who comes to the emergency room after hours and on weekends and needs immediate help with a mental health crisis will have am Integrative Wellness therapist on call to meet with those individuals — then and there, face to face.

“This program is about being here to help improve the health of our community and we are very proud to partner with Integrative Wellness to make this happen,” said Annette Preston, Director of the Witham Health Services Foundation.

The Witham Health Services Foundation is dedicated to the hospital’s quest for quality care. Through fund development, ambassadorship and education the foundation assists the hospital in maintaining its financial growth. For more information about the foundation, the Mental Health in the Emergency Room Program or ways to support this program, contact Annette Preston at 765-485-8112 or

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