ZPD unveils new crime scene response vehicle

Submitted photoZionsville Police Chief Robert Knox poses in front of ZPD's new crime scene response vehicle.

The Zionsville Police Department has introduced its newest addition to its vehicle fleet — a crime scene response vehicle. The crime scene response vehicle is a former Zionsville Fire Department ambulance that is currently being retrofitted for criminal investigations.

ZPD acquired the vehicle after Mayor Haak approved the transfer of a former ZFD ambulance to the police department.

“A vehicle of this quality would be really difficult to purchase brand new outright,” said Chief Robert Knox. “We are very appreciative to ZFD and the mayor.”

The new vehicle will be primarily used for evidence processing and in the coming weeks, will be equipped with the tools evidence technicians need to respond to a crime scene. All evidence from a crime scene can be collected and processed within the vehicle, which will be outfitted with computer, printers, tables and more.

Sergeant Joe Dennemann, the department’s lead evidence technician, will work out of this vehicle along with other officers and detectives.

In addition to the crime scene response vehicle, ZPD has a general purpose Support Services Unit that is used to transport barricades, tents, cones, prescription drugs as part of drug take-back programs and more.

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