The following people with name, age, address, charge and arresting agency were booked into the Boone County Jail. Charges are preliminary. The Boone County prosecutor may change them.

JAN. 13

8:41 p.m. – Roy E. Cooper, 47, Whitestown, operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more, OWI, public intoxication, Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

JAN. 12

3:40 a.m. – Zenobia A. Brogan, 26, Indianapolis, driving while suspended, Whitestown Police Department.

JAN. 11

7:50 p.m. – David Cruz, 25, Indianapolis, possession of marijuana, operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license, driving while suspended, Zionsville Police Department.

2:46 p.m. – Genevieve Collins, 29, Whitestown, violation of Boone County Community Corrections, violation of a condition of placement, BCSO.

Jan. 10

1:28 p.m. – Hector Boyzo-Robledo, 21, Indianapolis, possession of marijuana, driving while suspended, ZPD.

JAN. 9

2:35 a.m. – Stephan J. Danzy, 26, Indianapolis, trafficking with an inmate, possession of a controlled substance, driving while suspended, operating while intoxicated, WPD.

JAN. 8

8:53 a.m. – Andrew P. Knotts, 36, Zionsville, violation of bond conditions, BCSO.

5:29 a.m. – Jorge Garcia, 29, Indianapolis, operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, WPD.

Area public service agencies responded to the following calls:

JAN. 15

8:22 a.m. – Caller’s vehicle was hit by rock when he drove past mowing crew last week, company won’t return his call, 9300 block E. C.R. 300 S., Zionsville, BCSO.

JAN. 14

9:35 a.m. – Restaurant manager wants to report battery between himself and assistant manager because she is “revengeful,” 6200 block Heartland Drive, Zionsville, WPD.

1:20 a.m. – Dog barking for six hours, caller worries about dog out in weather, C.R. 900 S and Timberlwolf Lane, Zionsville, BCSO.

JAN. 13

11:06 p.m. – Caller believes someone stole his dog, followed tracks and there are footprints where dog prints stop, dog got loose and was found, not stolen, 6800 block Berkley Court, Zionsville, ZPD.

5:14 a.m. – Boy says father bloodied his nose, 6300 block Pickwick Court, Zionsville, ZPD.

3:10 p.m. – Suspicious car with dealer plate has been parked in front of house for two days, 100 block Spring Drive, Zionsville, ZPD.

JAN. 12

9:41 p.m. – Male in hoodie came to door asking for cigarette lighter, when leaving he asked for cell phone, one detained, 6400 block of Green Grass Lane, Whitestown, WPD.

JAN. 11

9:34 p.m. – OWI arrest, 128 mile marker of Ind. 65 south bound, WPD.

6:58 p.m. – Employee refusing to leave after terminated, yelling at manager, advised to leave, 6200 block of Heartland Drive, Zionsville, WPD.

JAN. 11

2:46 a.m. – Pullover resulting in an arrest for possession of marijuana, 131 mile marker of Indiana 65, Whitestown, WPD.

JAN. 10

4:43 p.m. – Two males fighting, one threatens to kill the other, one was recently terminated, HR manager would like extra patrols to prevent any incident, extra patrols will take place, 4000 block of Perry Boulevard, Whitestown, WPD.

11:57 a.m. – Fire alarm set off by burnt tortillas, checks OK, 6000 block of S. Main Street, Whitestown, Whitestown Fire Department.

10:20 a.m. – Suspicious vehicle has been driving around the neighborhood, was property management surveying area trees, corner of Stonegate Drive and Westminster Drive, Zionsville, BCSO.

JAN. 9

10:57 p.m. – Caller wants to show officer suspicious package received today, package was a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, package entered into evidence, 6204 Andrews Way, Whitestown, WPD.

10:49 a.m. – Male sitting in car with no license plates, odor of marijuana, K9 officer responds, arrest made for possession, car towed, 7600 block of Carriage House Way, Zionsville, BCSO.

JAN. 8

4:05 p.m. – Caller reports grandpa is missing, last seen in Zionsville, report taken, 8800 E. block of C.R. 575 S., Zionsville, ZPD.

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