Zionsville Community High School Principal Tim East sent a message to parents of high school students Monday, Jan. 28, after a bullet was found at the school.

According to Boone County police logs, a single, unspent 17-caliber bullet was found on the floor in a study hall room of the high school about 1 p.m. Monday.

"A student who saw the bullet turned it in, and law enforcement was notified to assist in an investigation of the matter," East said.

The principal and Director of School Safety Chad Smith sent police officers throughout the school campus to talk with students who had been in the room where the bullet was found.

The school day otherwise continued without interruption.

"Anyone with information regarding the presence of a potentially dangerous item on our campus is encouraged to make a report immediately to a trusted adult or utilize the anonymous Report It tab located on main screen of the ZCHS website," the message said.

Additional information was not available at press time.

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