Why should it ever be acceptable to ask foreign governments or foreign organizations to help with a US election? This should be end of story and an easy decision. It is shameless to go even further to blame the media, or blame our intelligence organization, or try to blame Congress, which has a constitutional requirement to be a check and balance on the power of the presidency. We must put our love for the country over any party allegiance. To blame, denigrate or insult the whistleblower is an affront to the morals and values of our democracy. We must rely on people in the government to be protected to blow the whistle when they have evidence of potential wrongdoing. Unchecked power will corrupt and any party who does not root out their bad players must be held accountable by voters. Please get out and read/listen to multiple news sources and vote for the future of the USA. There are many patriots in our military and government who are counting on us to right this sinking ship.

Brad Vawter,


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