I want the Indiana Central Region Headquarters to be relocated to Zionsville. I have several very personal vested interests in seeing it happen. This was an amazing fete in the first place. A group of little league guys and gals, parents, volunteers saying "wouldn't it be great if we could get it here." The local organizing committee of volunteers spent countless hours putting a bid together to showcase Zionsville. Zionsville, Not Little League. Hundreds of kids came together to speak, to rally, to convince Little League International that our town is a great place to live, to work, most importantly to play Little League.

There is a lot of misinformation that has been provided to the community once the headquarters relocation found assistance through Pulte. Pulte donated land because no one else would. The bank owns the land and will only sell it to Pulte because they have the first bid. So whether you want 80 houses on 40 acres or 40 houses on 40 acres there will still be houses on those acres. The neighbors and anyone in Zionsville with the funds, had an opportunity to buy the land way back when and chose not to. Pulte put in a bid to buy the land. Pulte is going through the regular process to establish the neighborhood. Hence, why they have appeared at the zoning meeting. There have been no secretive back alley deals. The neighbors do not set a good example with a campaign of rhetoric, threats, misinformation, and name calling. Pulte is kind enough to donate 18 acres so the relocation can stay in Zionsville.

At least 500 kids are watching and waiting to see what happens. They have witnessed Little League International, their ZLL coaches and parents and Mayor Haak be called shady and liars in countless public forums. They have listened heartbroken as parents and coaches attempt a civil response in the wake of gas lighting incivility all with a very public audience and a large 501 C Corporation (non-profit) watching. Due to the opposing campaign, Little League International is now looking elsewhere to relocate its headquarters because a few people in town — a town that worked tirelessly to bid for its arrival, refuses the donated land available. The neighbors do not want $400,000 houses set on 40 acres in their front yards. Homes that are nice but no comparison to the multi-million dollar house across the street,

The bid for the little league headquarters relocation was put together in large part by my good friend Steve Strecker. He was like a father to my kids and an amazing coach, father, and friend. He worked full-time, had a wife and four kids and still found time to rebuild Zionsville Little League and lure a national nonprofit to Zionsville. He is sorely missed. I think that Steve would have found a way through and worked hard toward a compromise. So we should to.

Let's Keep it Here for Him.

Laura Jefferson


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