The Boone County Solid Waste Management District would like to publicly thank the residents of Boone County for attending the Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics collection event on Aug. 25 at the Zionsville Municipal Services building despite the terrible weather.

The weather did slow down our lines, but we still hosted 537 vehicles throughout the day with only one 10-minute lightning delay. But the patience and good attitudes from our residents made it a pleasure for our staff and contractors to survive the raindrops!

It is the District’s mission to provide opportunities for residents to recycle or properly dispose of their household waste. But the key is to have residents that are willing to attend and want to do the right thing with their hazardous materials. Proper recycling or disposal of these items ensures our homes are secure and that we protect our local waterways. Thank you for your participation and patience.

Jennifer Lawrence

Executive Director, Boone County Solid Waste Management District

I am responding to "Confessions of an anti-strawman."

People, including Lee Morris, have commented that actions against the use of plastic straws "protest such a demonstrably trivial threat."

My take on the use of plastic straws is this: If being aware of using or not using a plastic straw makes me more aware of the environment, I will forego plastic straws.

If I choose to use a biodegradable straw, that's a gain for me and the environment. If my one small decision leads me to make other decisions based on environmental awareness, I'd say that's a win for me and for the environment.

If passing up plastic straws leads me to not take every convenience for granted, again I see that as a win. If I look beyond the straw and pay attention to my use of disposable plastics, if I pick up trash when I walk along the beach, if I combine my errands into one trip and reduce car mileage, if I refuse plastic bags, again I see that as a win for me and the environment.

I think the issue strikes people as important or trivial depending on how they are willing to look at the bigger picture. For me, small challenges lead to bigger ones, and I'm game.

Pat Long


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