Tommy Fossett breaks a tackle in the North-South All-Star game Friday night.

Every time Tommy Fossett got his hands on the ball at Zionsville, fans knew there was a chance they were going to witness something special.

Fossett possesses a unique speed and agility, with the ability to cut on a dime or spin away from tacklers, making him a nightmare to defend.

He was able to showcase some of those moves Friday night at the Indiana All-Star North-South Classic at North Central, as he represented the South in the annual game.

He had four catches for 56 yards in the game, and was able to have a couple of the crowd-pleasing jukes and spins that have become a staple of his game.

"I was happy with the way everything went," Fossett said after the game. "Just being able to play in this game was an honor."

No player gets a normal amount of playing time in the All-Star game, so it took a little adjusting for all the players to get used to playing only every other series when they are used to being the go-to player on their high school team.

Fossett said he wasn't worried about any of that, just wanted to enjoy the experience and represent Zionsville the best he could.

"It was a big honor to play in this game," Fossett said. "To represent this school, which has meant so much to me and being able to play in this game was a blessing."

Fossett said one of the things he enjoyed the most about the experience was being able to interact with the other All-Stars during the week.

"It was good to have some time to get to know the guys and practice one last time for a high school game," Fossett said. "I was able to meet some guys that I have played against the last several years and build bonds that I never thought I would have."

Fossett, an All-State selection that had 73 catches for 971 yards and eight touchdowns this past season, is heading to Indiana Wesleyan to continue his academic and football playing career.

He said a week like this one with the All-Stars is good preparation for that next step.

"It definitely humbles you a little bit," Fossett said. "College is a different level. It was nice to get out here against high schoolers again and be reminded about the last four years."

As his prep career comes to a close, Fossett said he will leave Zionsville with some great memories over the past four seasons.

He also had advice for young players coming up on how to best achieve their goals.

"I will remember how much it helped me grow as a man outside of football," Fossett said. "The friendships and being around the coaches, it really taught me to appreciate each day you have. My advice to younger players would be to trust your coaches, they always want what is best for you. You have to trust the process and know that God has a plan for you and to stick with it."

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