Evan Bohrer poses with his family at his signing ceremony Wednesday. Bohrer will attend DePauw to play baseball and football.

Zionsville — Evan Bohrer has been a key member of both the football and baseball teams during his time at Zionsville.

Through his hard work, he is now going to have the opportunity to play both sports at the next level. Bohrer signed Wednesday with DePauw to play both football and baseball for the Tigers.

"I think it is going to be a lot of fun," Bohrer said Wednesday. "I know a lot of people there and that's what it is all about. I am going there to have fun playing two sports that I enjoy. My brother is there, some of my friends are there and it is a really good opportunity to play baseball and football."

Bohrer said he didn't start looking at schools with the intention of playing both sports.

But when this opportunity arose, he wasn't going to pass it up.

"It's been a weird journey to say the least," Bohrer said. "I was looking at the Citadel and was thinking about walking on there as a long snapper. And then I started considering DePauw just for football, and within the last few weeks, I started talking with the baseball coaches and luckily it worked out. I am excited play both."

There will be several familiar faces for Bohrer at DePauw.

His brother Max is currently a student there. Former teammates Ethan Hudson and Clay Gietl play on DePauw's football team, with former baseball teammates Nick Nelson and Kyle Callahan on the baseball team.

Also going to DePauw will be Eagle classmate Josh Wagner, who also signed Wednesday.

"It will be really cool to play with them again," Bohrer said. "One of the guys I hope to room with is a friend who I have played summer baseball with since I was like 10, and he is playing baseball and football too. So it will be a lot of fun."

DePauw is a Division III school that plays in the North Coast Athletic Conference.

The Tigers' football team is coached by Bill Lynch, and finished 4-6 last year.

Bohrer played offensive line for the Eagles in high school, but will be switching to defense next year.

"With me it was a little different, so the coaches had to watch me from an offensive standpoint, and see if I could make the switch," Bohrer said. "I am too undersized to played offensive line at the college level. But the coaches liked my aggression and what I could do on film. They thought I could bring a lot to their defense."

The baseball team is coached by Blake Allen.

The Tigers are off to a 20-11 start so far this spring.

Bohrer has started most of the games at catcher this year for the Eagles and is one of the senior leaders on the team.

"The coaches liked my drive on the field and my ability to compete," Bohrer said. "They are excited to get another catcher in this class. I think I will have a chance to step in and play pretty early."

Bohrer said since the high school football season ended, and during his time on the baseball team this spring, he has been focused on a couple of areas in his game to help him at the next level.

"I think a lot of it has just been focused on the game and not getting distracted," Bohrer said. "Senior year, there is a lot going on, so I am making sure I am putting in the extra work and focusing on the little things. At this point, we have been playing the sports we are playing for 10-15 years, and you have learned most of what you can, it is about working hard, nailing down your craft and being the best you can be."

When looking back at his time at Zionsville, Bohrer said he is going to remember the friendships he made.

"I had an incredible great of friends," Bohrer said. "It was amazing to go out and practice and play with those guys every day."

Bohrer is undecided on a major.

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